Mary Guerra in her studio at home.

Mary Buchan Guerra – Silver and Stones

Jewelry that tells a story is what you see when you peer into a Buchan Jewelry piece. Original artwork pressed into sterling silver sets the jewelry apart. Mary constructs asymmetrical pieces that are curious and calming. Whether strung around a neck or dangling off a wrist Buchan Jewelry are pieces of imagination and beauty.

When did you decide to become a Jewelry designer?

I was 35, admired the silver work of my friend and she told me her mother made it.  I knew then that I would eventually find the time to learn the craft. Five years later I took my first class.

Were you cautioned or encouraged to follow through with your art as a means to make a living?

Both, I cautioned myself.  I grew up in a family where my parents and my siblings were multi-talented; from drawing, to sculpting, to carving, to painting, to singing.  I felt the genetic talent had run out by the time I was born.  Drawing decent stick figures remained a challenge for me at 40 so I wasn’t sure I should pursue a career in an artistic field. Encouragement and education came from a seasoned goldsmith, Marion Stegner.  She so confidently recognized what I hesitated to see.

Is there a single purpose that keeps you focused?

Metal and gems belong together.  Torches, hammers, pliers, saws, files, drills, and two of my favorite: my rolling mill and my anvil all keep moving out the boundaries of bringing silver and gems together.