Sondrea Larsen at work at her bench. 

Sondrea Larsen at work at her bench. 

Sondrea Larsen – Silver, Gold and Stones

A jeweler working with Argentium sterling silver, gold, steel, precious and semi precious stones Sondrea has an eye for construction that is contemporary. Her work can be abstract and complicated while other times straightforward and pure.

When did you decide to become a Jewelry designer?

I decided to go to a trade school for jewelry design on a whim. I was curious about working with metal. I took a class and loved it so I stayed to complete the program. 

Were you cautioned or encouraged to follow through with your art as a means to make a living?

When I told Lulu (my grandmother) that I wanted to become a goldsmith and complete the rather expensive program, she said to me, "Honey, I think this is a good thing, but treat it like a marriage not a dating relationship." I have been supported and encouraged by all my friends and family. I'm very fortunate. 

Is there a single purpose that keeps you focused?

I can't say. Sometimes I feel a desire to work, while other times I just feel I should. Both motivations take me to my bench, and once there I rarely wish I was somewhere else.