Alanna Hughes and Indigo Star on the pottery wheel

Alanna Hughes – Clay

Aspects of Alanna's pottery are left unglazed leaving a window to view the natural clay body. Her work is modern with a twist into nature. By using bold and vibrant colors along with elegant shapes, her clay pieces are intriguing. Her pottery is food, oven, dishwasher safe and made to be used functionally.

When did you decide to become a ceramic artist?

I have always been drawn to dirt but touching fresh clay was the tipping point.

Were you cautioned or encouraged to do pottery as a means to make a living?

Encouraged. The biggest leap was when my sister lent me $1000 to purchase my potters wheel in 2000.

Is there a single purpose that keeps you focused?

I enjoy the expression and functionality of ceramics. While doing pottery I can't be tense. I have to breathe and relax in order to shape forms while on the wheel. Pottery is a meditative craft for those that are too energized and unfocused to actually meditate!