Arctic - acrylic on wood

Arctic - acrylic on wood

Join us for February First Friday to welcome the new work of Kings Beach artist, Mary Beth Hamilton. Mary Beth originally received her Fine Arts degree from Sonoma State University with an emphasis in ceramics. Her recent work has moved to working on wood.

 The deconstruction began on a 70 foot pier in August of 2014. Not only did the physical labor of prying the wood apart provide me with a beautiful stack of reclaimed cedar, the process pried open memories of stories my father told me of building piers on Tahoe in the 1950’s. Once the painting began, I didn’t paint the ideas that had been patiently waiting in my head, rather I found myself giving voice to the spirit of the wood and its story. I had no idea I would be painting loose waterscapes or the view of the rocks beneath the pier. Most recently, in my vertical series, Under the Moon She Rose, I feel as if I’m paying homage to the trees as they once stood in our forest before they became a pier. I enjoy the collaboration with wood and paint and that unexplainable force that pushes creativity wide open. - Mary Beth Hamilton

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Reception- Feb 5th, 5.00-8.00pm.

Refreshments will be served along with live music by local favourites Dan Copland, Suzie Cooper and Mike Blide

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