Chopstick Drip Painter Peter Buchan will be providing guests with a unique opportunity to experience his innovative art form, which took the artist 11 years to develop.

Using the unconventional approach of painting perpendicular to the canvas, the artist harnesses the power of gravity to drip industrial enamel paint from chopsticks. Buchan calls it “a system of gravity and imperfection.”

Raised in the high desert of Winnemucca, Nevada -- where he was inspired by nature -- Buchan now lives in the Sierra Nevada mountains and continues to evolve as an artist, producing work for both solo and group exhibits, creating exclusive commissioned pieces, participating in nationally recognized juried fine art shows, and winning numerous national and international awards.

Buchan creates only originals -- no prints, copies or giclees. The medium is industrial enamel paint dripped from chopsticks onto handcrafted wood panels.

Pete's work will feature at Riverside for the months of June and July.

Artist Reception: Friday June 5th, 5pm - 8pm.

Artist Demonstration: 6pm and 7pm

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For more of Peter's work:

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