Triage   36 X 48

Triage 36 X 48

Patricia Wallis (b. Chicago, Illinois) lives in Reno, Nevada.  A fine art painter for 30 years, Pat has been painting on canvas and board as well as copper.  

Pat graduated from Ray College of Design in Chicago, then attended College of Marin and UC Santa Cruz.  Upon graduation from Ray College of Design she accepted a position at that institution teaching perspective and color theory.

Patricia is the recipient of numerous awards and honors. Her art was on exhibit at the Nevada State Museum from October 2010 through February 2011.  In 2006 the Nevada Museum of Art acquired one of her paintings for their permanent collection.  In 2001 Paramount Studios commissioned her to do a 4 x 5 foot painting for the movie “Vanilla Sky”.  Pat was the recipient of the prestigious Jane Gallagher Award for excellence in painting in 2004.  Southwest Art magazine featured her work in October 1999 and again in April 2004.  In 1999 her work was selected for the cover of the book Open Spaces: A Guide to the Marin County Open Space District by Barry Spitz.  The Art of California magazine awarded the Bronze Discovery Award to Ms. Wallis in 1993. 

One aspect of Patricia’s work is oil painting on copper. Although a very old process, Pat has taken this medium to a new level by applying acids then painting on the surface. The copper gives the image a luminescence not found on canvas or board. Oil painting on copper goes back to the 15th century although it is rarely used by contemporary artists.

To visit Pat’s studio, you may contact her at-

Artist opening reception August 1st, 5-8pm. For more information please visit us on Facebook!

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