Encampment  18x24 acrylic on panel

Encampment 18x24 acrylic on panel

Jesse Greenwood was born in Nevada City, CA in 1989. Shortly after, he moved with his parents to Mohawk Valley in the Graeagle area, where he grew up with his three younger brothers. In 2008 he moved to Los Angeles to study painting and graphic design and painting at Biola University. He graduated in December of 2012 with a B.F.A.

Many of Greenwood’s pieces are noted for their captivating balance of worn, textured surfaces and fine figuration. Often working from found photographs and old images, he utilizes a broad range of subjects and styles, exploring the concept of man’s integration with his surroundings through the phenomena of a sort of ‘implausible memory’.

The influence of the Northern California landscape and life, as well as Greenwood’s fascination with exotic flora and fauna and faraway places, are apparent in all of his works. He invites us to dwell on the sense of place and events that compose his pictures, whether they exist in private or public fields of vision, in personal or shared memories. One might also see in these works a measurement of the gaps between thought and image, as well as the idea of painting as edifying to both the artist himself and to observers as a communal experience. 



AuthorRiverside Studios